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Springing Back – Restoring your Property and Garden to Mid-Season Form

Prepare your Yard for the Selling Season/ Inspire Your Neighborhood to Dress Things Up

Don’t look now but your yard and garden is about to spring you out of winter. And, if you can make time for a few hours of work, the look and feel of your yard will be greatly enhanced when those many “dead” things begin to show signs of growth.

For those wishing to sell in the spring or those just wishing to join/inspire others to dress up the neighborhood, now is a great time to make an impact on those outside spaces. Curbside impressions for neighbors and would be buyer are critical to setting a home apart. Here are some easy ways to enhance the outdoors around your home before the season of growth takes over:

  • Rake up the leaves and debris that have mysteriously blown their way into your flower beds and along the edges of fences and shrubs. If left to linger, any items left to cover grass and ground cover can retard growth or lead to staining if it begins to decay while touching hardscape materials. Raking bark mulch will expose the rich color of the mulch and loosen any weeds that have begun to sprout.
  • Clean up the edges between lawns/ ground cover where it meets hardscaping or transitions into other yard materials. This will give your yard and garden a clean neat feel. Removing this extra greenery will never be easier than now while the ground is still moist. Incidentally, weeds pull out brilliantly while the ground is moist so if you have some early sprouters pulling them now will make life easier later.
  • Trim back any dead wood from shrubs and plants to just above growth buds and new leaves. Removing this material will make the plant look nicer and reduce the likelihood of disease penetrating the plant through the dead portions. Whenever possible use a sharp pair of clippers and cut the branch at an angle away from the bud. If you need a referral to a great arborist check out the landscape resources on
  • Mow that lawn. Nothing says spring like that first smoky start up to a lawnmower and edger. Remember the winter you had without lawn care but enjoy the new reality of a deep green grass. For those with more time aerating the lawn and dethatching can increase later summer lawn health. Now is also a great time to treat your lawn against moss. Moss can overtake a lawn and it is best to kill the moss now so the lawn has a chance to spread into the blackening areas of moss before summer hits.
  • Finally, it is “probably” not too early for some spring color spots. In your street facing flower beds. A little color will put a smile on the faces of your neighbors and enhance the beautiful clean up you have already begun.

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