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Tips For Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

Although the weather is still sunny and warm, Fall is on the way. Here are 8 tips for getting your home ready for fall!

1. Remove your summer decor and accessories. I keep out of season things on a shelf in my garage, or in lidded baskets in my home.

2. Let your home breathe. What you set out for a season is as important as what you take away. Try to box up a few “non-seasonal” decorative items to allow your home more room to breathe. The less stuff you have out, the more your fall decor will stand out as important and special.

3. Don’t over think “fall decorating.” Think more along the lines of being inspired by the fall season. What are the colors and textures that make you feel cozy? What types of activities do you like to take part in during the autumn season? If you incorporate the “feel” of the season into your home, rather than over-doing obvious “seasonal decor,” your home will be inviting and comfortable without looking like you tried too hard.

4. Keep it simple. No need to go overboard on decorating every corner, a couple of simple changes in each room will go a long way. Try changing a couple of throw pillows, adding a cozy throw, bringing out some books and perhaps adding a fall wreath or vase of branches to your fireplace or a bowl of pine cones on the table.

5. Consider the scent of your home. I love having a home that smells like fall. Cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, pumpkin and cloves are some of my favorite fall scents. I love the smell of candles and scented pine cones to fill my house!

6. Let the seasons evolve. I don’t put all my fall touches out at once. In September I focus on simple changes like fall throw pillows, for instance, but I tend to avoid putting out my pumpkins until October.

7. Invite some friends over for a simple fall get together. Your home should be a place where community and friendship can take place. Does that idea scare you? Please don’t wait until you have the perfect sized home, *** and span corners, impressive furniture or have time to create an awesome meal. That is too much pressure for you AND your guests! Focus on gracious hospitality over perfection. Invite people over for a simple game night, chili and cornbread, movie and popcorn, or a hot cider and pumpkin pie night.

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Theodore Brock said:

These tips are so amazing and I would love to try them as well as the ones mentioned on a These tips genuinely help one in decorating the home.

March 30, 2018 3:18 AM

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