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The Best of Bellingham By Shannon Neufeld


About four weeks ago, after reviewing the weather report, I was mentioning to several people that the Northwest rain was going to fall for the rest of the year.  In past years I would have been right but it wasn’t so this year.  This fall has been the best that I can remember.  We’ve had some cool mornings but many afternoons have been sunny and warm.  The rain has barely fallen and none of the wind storms that we’re so use to have occurred.  The result being awesome fall days for walking and biking and beautiful fall leaves. 

The Huge English Oak trees on Broadway, just off Cornwall Ave. were bright yellow for at least two weeks, and instead of all the leaves being blown into the neighboring yards, they just piled up in the wide grass area under the trees.  Earlier this week the neighborhood kids were raking up all the leaves and jumping into the four foot high piles.  The local boys were there from the time school got out till it got dark.  That’s one of the small but wonderful reasons why it’s nice to live in a neighborhood like this.                                                                        .

Now as I’m writing this, it’s been raining all night and all day.  When I walked the kids to school this morning, I noticed that the city Public Works Department had finally gotten around to collecting all the leaves under the oak trees.  Tonight the kids will be trick-or-treating and it looks like it might still be raining, but it will still be fun.  The neighborhood kids will be out later than usual, going to every house in the neighborhood, no matter what the weather.  There're a few neighborhood parties where the neighbors invite the parents and kids in for a few minutes and give everyone hot drinks.  And just as the conversation gets interesting, the kids want to get trick-or-treating again and out we go into the weather.  And so it goes.

Have a good Halloween and enjoy the rest of the autumn.




Published Friday, October 31, 2008 12:21 PM by Shannon Neufeld
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