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South Hill Neighborhood
Between downtown Bellingham and the Fairhaven Historical District there's a neighborhood that's stretched out across the flank of South Hill and gazes out across miles of bay.  From this vantage point you can watch the boats that comes and go or track the Alaska Ferry on its weekly schedule.  The setting sun is best viewed from this hill, and from here the evening clouds are first spotted in all those crimson colors over the islands.  This is the South Hill Neighborhood, one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Bellingham. South Hill has a wide variety of houses with expansive views of the bay and also of Fairhaven or Downtown Bellingham, depending where you are on the hill. Many of Bellingham's largest and finest Victorian Era homes are neighborhood landmarks. Newer homes are scattered throughout the neighborhood with some of the newest at the top of the hill. Many homes have vistas that unfold from the Canadian Coastal Range to the islands south by Anacortes. Along the foot of the hill, near the water are many high quality condominiums, again with great water and sunset views. 
Boulevard Park
The brightest gem of the South Hill Neighborhood is without question Boulevard Park. The park is a major part of the South Bay Trail that runs along the shores of the bay and connects Fairhaven with Downtown. Boulevard Park and the walking trails, were once one of Bellingham's lumber mills and railroad beds that connected the mill to the rest of the world. Today Boulevard park has several acres of grass lawn with the waters of Bellingham Bay splashing on its edge. The perfect place to spend a afternoon picnic, walk the dog or just meet friends, drink some coffee and watch the sun set. The Woods Coffee house is the only business that calls Boulevard Park home and is a popular stop for everyone at the park. Besides coffee, they provide a free Wi-Fi connection that can give you a good excuse to leave the office for awhile, get a tan and some work done. Much of the Boulevard Park's trails are built on the remains of the old trail trestle over the water and the old Taylor Street Dock. This is really the best place to enjoy a Bellingham Sunset. If you don't live in Bellingham, this is one of two parks that you must experience when you visit.
The South Hill Neighborhood is surrounded by Downtown, Western Washington University and Fairhaven. Restaurants and shopping in Fairhaven are a short walk for many who call South Hill home. The character and style of Fairhaven blend nicely with that of South Hill. 
Children living in the South Hill Neighborhood attend the neighborhood school, Lowell Elementary. Lowell School is a classic old school building, (built in 1914) that has been upgraded to modern standards during the 08/09 school year and has the best view of any school in Bellingham. Middle school students go to Fairhaven Middle School and then onto Sehome High School.
Homes for Sale
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