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 The Puget Neighborhood

As you drive east out of downtown Bellingham, on your way to Lake Whatcom on Lakeway Drive, you pass through the center of the Puget Neighborhood. There is a wide variety of homes in this neighborhood, many of those to the south of Lakeway Drive, and up the hill have grand views of Bellingham, the bay and the Cascade Mountains to the north.  Nearer to Lakeway Drive are also many mid-century homes and large apartment buildings. Across the street from the Fred Myer Shopping Center is a large and well managed senior mobile home park that is an easy walk to two shopping centers. Much of the neighborhood consists of retail shops, and a large area is home to Civic Field Complex of sports and recreational facilities.
Civic Field Complex
To the north of Lakeway Drive is Bellingham's only sports stadium. It's here that all three of Bellingham's high schools hold sporting events and where Western Washington University hosts its home football games. Civic Field is also the location of many large city wide gatherings and events. Adjacent to Civic Field are all the city owned recreational and athletic venues. These include the Sportsplex (Bellingham's only indoor ice skating rink and indoor soccer fields), Joe Martin Stadium (home to Bellingham's minor league baseball team, the Bellingham Bells), Arne Hanna Aquatic Center (Bellingham's public indoor swimming pool and water slide), Gerry Fields softball fields, and to the west is the Bellingham Skate Park.
The Puget Neighborhood is home to two large grocery stores and a wide variety of restaurants and retail shops. The largest retail store in the neighborhood is Fred Myer and is within less than a five minute drive from anywhere in the neighborhood. Fred Myer markets itself as one stop shopping and includes a large grocery/deli section and anything else you might need. Across the street is the Cost Cutter Grocery Store and many other smaller stores and restaurants.
Puget Neighborhood Students go to Carl Cozier Elementary School that is conveniently located next to the Aquatics Center. Middle School students attend Kulshan Middle School just down the street and high school students attend Sehome High School.
Homes for Sale

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