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About the Muljat Group

“If success is measured by client satisfaction, the people who make up the Muljat Group are successful. The Muljat Group was formed to bring a team of the most professional REATORS in the region together to provide individual clients with the best our profession has to offer. And it works!

As highly motivated businesspeople, each individual takes part in sharing much more than office space at the Muljat Group. While pursuing his on her own business, our people also bring a wealth of experience to the table, sharing knowledge and abilities for the benefit of the client.

It’s a new concept. But by daring to be different, we’ve created a scenario unique in its ability to provide the best for our clients. And we do so with absolute professionalism.

REALTORS with the Muljat Group take great pride in our pro-active approach to client service. We truly believe our success is a result of the exceptional level of client satisfaction enjoyed by the people we serve.

Unsurpassed professionalism, complete commitment, and on-going communication.

The Muljat Group.”

Expect Professionalism

The Muljat Group consistently attracts the most respected people in real estate to our business, making our group highly qualified in all areas of the profession.

Ties to regional business, financial, political and development agencies, and participation in local and national chapters of the Board of Realtors and the Multiple Listing Service allows us to provide up-to-date information on the marketplace and what it has to offer.

Clients expect more from The Muljat Group. And we deliver. The experience and expertise of our team ensures that you receive expedient and thorough closing of transactions; for sales and purchases, both residential and commercial.

Expect Commitment

Our Realtors never forget that ours is a service profession, first and foremost and that our success comes only with our client’s successes.

Our client and customer satisfaction is demonstrated to us most importantly by the number of referrals we receive from Muljat group customers. Much of the business we do is with friends and business associates of former clients who were impressed by the high level of commitment our REALTORS demonstrated during their transaction process.

The respect and commitment returned to us by our clients is the best demonstration of our dedication to professionalism. It’s what we strive for every day.

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Expect Communication

For the Muljat Group, the key to a successful business relationship is complete understanding of our client’s needs, plus a desire to do more.

An intimate working relationship between Realtor and client requires close, on-going communication. Our team pledges to maintain open, honest, and continuing communication with those we serve. The needs our clients are met with sensitivity and efficiency.

Add a full array of communication channels to the equation and you receive meaningful, timely client contact designed to put our clients first, every step of the way.


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